Professor Mats O. Karlsson
Mats O. Karlsson is professor of pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden. He received his PhD in pharmacokinetics in 1989 and has been a research fellow at University of Glasgow and University of California, San Francisco and a visiting professor at Georgetown University, Washington DC. He has received the Uppsala University Oscar Prize, the Giorgio Segre Prize from EUFEPS and an Honorary Fellowship Award from American Collage of Clinical Pharmacology. He is European Editor of Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. His research interests focus on methodological aspects of non-linear mixed effects model building and applications of PKPD modeling to problems in drug development and routine drug therapy. He has published over 150 original research articles in this area.

  Associate Professor Andrew Hooker
Andrew Hooker is an Associate Professor of Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University, Sweden. Andrew received his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA in 2003, and then moved to Sweden as a Pfizer post-doctoral fellow at Uppsala University. His research focuses on methodological problems associated with building and evaluating pharmacometric models as well as optimal experimental design. Andrew is a primary developer of Xpose 4, PsN and the optimal design program PopED.

  Radojka Savic, Ph.D.
Radojka Savic joined the Pharmacometric research group at Uppsala University, Sweden in 2003 after receiving her pharmacist degree from University of Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, she has been actively working on evaluating new features of NONMEM VI. Her research interests focus on nonparametric methods for population analysis, improved diagnostics for NONMEM VI and development of new absorption models. Radojka earned her Ph.D. from the University of Uppsala in 2008.


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